Dreamland Agency Austria provides all sorts of assistance to Film Production Companies . We are specialized to fulfill the requirements of Indian Film Teams and we accompany the entire process of shooting in Austria.

Our services include location scouting , recce and preparatory work of your production as well as arranging permits, concrete negotiations with local government authorities and on set assistance .

Our highly qualified staff will help you overcome local language problems. Further we shall take care of customs clearance, transport ,airport pick up and delivery, your hotel arrangements, car rental, Indian food (South/North Indian and special dieting ), local crew and rental of camera equipments.

We help you to spot out palaces, churches, castles, sun and snow locations, gardens, beautiful roads and pathways, small villages, green meadows etc.

Trust us – We shall take care of your project in Austria.

Leave it all to us and take home an unforgettable experience from one of the best locations in Europe.

In case of questions or demands please feel free to contact us (email: office@nulldreamland-austria.com )