Information about austria:

Austria consists of 9 independent Lands of the Federal Republic with own federal state governments. The federal legislation is exercised by the national council together with the Upper House of Parliament (the two chambers of the parliament). Austria is member of the European union, the United Nations as well as most UN organizations. The Federal Capital is Vienna. Austria can refer to a long tradition as film country. By the variety of the landscape Austria is a popular goal numerous Tv and film production companies from all world.

Information about salzburg:

Salzburg ranks in Austria to the smaller Lands of the Federal Republic, but among the large ones in the tourism. Only approximately six per cent of the Austrian population are Salzburger, but they gain more than 18 per cent of the routistic creation of value of the alpine republic. 4,1 million guests, more than 20 million overnight accomodation, which distributes itself on approximately 200,000 guest beds, approximately 20,000 persons employed in the catering trade and hotel trade.

Despite the “kleinheit” of the country Salzburg can offer a multiformity and landschaftlichem alternation wealth. Related to the surface Salzburg is to be classified as pronounced mountain country. Regarding the habitat of its population it is however likewise a ausseralpines country, lives nevertheless a considerable part of the inhabitants in the central room approximately around the city Salzburg. Here in the Salzburger basins unite also the two natural main guidelines of the Land of the Federal Republic, the salt oh and the hall oh valley. The state capital, at the edge of the alps and been as only larger city of Austria directly because of the border, is coined/shaped by the dominance of the city mountains monk mountain, fortress mountain, Kapuzinerberg and Rainberg. To the impressing window blind of the city beyond that Gaisberg and Untersberg contribute. As one of the landmarks of the city the fortress high Salzburg is to be called.

Each of the five gaus of the country – Flachgau, Tennengau, Lungau, Pongau and Pinzgau – is characterized by a typical landscape, the characteristic of its inhabitants, its culture and its customs.